Talk Web Design 2015

TalkWD managed to improve on last years’ conference with a fine mix of practical, fun and inspirational talks. I went away with renewed passion for progressive enhancement and accessibility, and excitement about future improvements to browsers.

A special thanks to David, Prisca and Greenwich Uni for putting on a great free event for students.

Charlotte Jackson - Becoming a front-end developer

Charlotte walked us through her journey from student to working in industry. Some of these points rang true for me, and will serve as great advice to anyone looking to get started:

Closing tips:

Adam Onishi - Best viewed with…

Adam raised a series of questions in his talk, mostly around the rise of client-side apps and the role of progressive enhancement in web development today.

Progressive enhancement

Ann McMeekin Carrier - Beautiful design for everyone

Ann’s talk impressed upon me the importance of including everyone when making websites. When you design for inclusion it benefits everyone.

Trine Falbe - Designing web interfaces for kids

This talked followed on well from Ann’s. Thinking about a child’s experience on the web, how difficult it can be to browse the web without being exposed to adverts or tricked to download viruses was eye opening.

Design guidelines

Development timeline

Design tips

Dan Edwards - Finding your mojo

Dan gave a thought-provoking and fun talk about losing his motivation, and finding it again. The most interesting part for me is remembering why we got into this - something that is easy to forget day to day.

Closing Tips:

Christopher Murphy - Life 2.0

A personal story from Christopher, some good motivational tips and a good few laughs. My personal highlight was the comparing developers to Spock (logical) and designers to Kirk (sleeps with aliens).

Books recommendations:

Bruce Lawson - Bruce’s tour of the sausage factory

From life-changing, motivational advice to …sausages. Bruce gave a hilarious yet pragmatic introduction to the standards process.

Ben Foxall - Internet of browsers

Following his talk last year, Ben gave another interactive talk. This time he demonstrated which device capabilities can be identified and used by Javascript. He had our phones pinging in various orders, plotted data on graphs and got the audience involved throughout.